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The Voices of Public Health project started with the idea that there are more people working in public health than the public knows. Through the media and in popular culture, we only see the “disease investigators” from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who respond to major outbreaks of disease. Or we see in the news about physicians working with Doctors Without Borders in responding to humanitarian crises around the world. Within medicine, only doctors, nurses, and maybe physician assistants get all the attention, but there is more to taking care of the health of the world than them.

What we don’t see or hear about are the thousands of men and women who have dedicated their lives to make the lives of others better. Public Health can be found in the lab scientists who test food to make sure it is safe. It can be found in the nurses who counsel patients with HIV/AIDS. It can also be found in the people working behind the scenes to inform policymakers on how to best address public health problems through the passage of laws and regulations at all levels of government. In short, Public Health is everywhere, and there are plenty of people working in it.

In this blog you will find a series of interviews and blog posts about the important work that real people in Public Health perform and about their path toward their current place in life. Please see our ABOUT page for additional information.

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